Hosting an event, fayre or show? Looking for something a little bit different? TwistedAsh is fully licensed & insured to provide carving demonstrations guaranteed to add that wow factor & enthral crowds. Feel free to watch our short DEMO VIDEO performing a speed carve filmed at Shuttleworth College in Bedfordshire.


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Demo Conditions


A day’s carving will amount to one large sculpture or a number of smaller sculptures depending on the size and quantity of wood available.

The client is responsible for supplying the timber & It is imperative the timber be free from nails. If the client cannot procure timber then it can be brought by the sculptor and charged for at the market rate.

The sculptor must be able to park a vehicle on site, or at least nearby. The amount of equipment used in a demonstration is more than can be carried easily over any great distance.

As part of the display a number of previously carved sculptures will be brought along to exhibit for the public to view.

The demonstration must not be set too close to other displays or demonstrations that are “Noise Sensitive” e.g. livestock or exhibits involving conversation between other exhibitors and the public, as the constant noise of a chainsaw can be a major irritation in these circumstances. If this cannot be avoided then special arrangements should be made for the carving demonstration to take place at set intervals with breaks in between.


Please feel free to contact us if you require any more information.



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